Site Grading/Utilities

Site Grading and Utility Installation by Reiner ContractingWhen it comes to site grading and utility installation, Reiner Contracting, Inc. has a reputation for exceptional accuracy. Efficiency and precision affect the outcome of projects, and we believe that every project we’re in charge of should be executed by highly skilled staff and state-of-the art equipment. That’s why we’ve invested in four Topcon GPS systems that allow for site grading accuracy within a fraction of a tenth of a foot. With our equipment outfitted with Topcon 3D-MC GPS equipment, Reiner Contracting is equipped with the latest in software design and GPS equipment.

Site Grading

Reiner Contracting, Inc. has years of site grading experience with local and state government projects across Minnesota and the upper Midwest, including street and highway projects, commercial building preparations, and flood protection and mitigation. Our team is prepared to respond to emergency situations, employing our fleet of ideally furnished equipment for the right situation.

Utility Installation

We’re not thwarted by highly complex projects that require atypical capabilities and installation requests. While we are an experienced water main, storm sewer, and sanitation system general contractor for any size installation, we’re typically sought out for highly challenging projects within both the public and private sectors.