Crookston Flood Control

Project Statistics:
  • Excavation of approximately 40000 cubic yards of material
  • 30000 tons of Rip Rap
  • 49000 cubic yards of impervious fill
  • Cast-in-place concrete structures
  • Tractor Driven Pump station
  • Numerous gates and valves
  • 1300 tons of bituminous paving
  • 1600 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • 6 acres of turf establishment
  • 11000 square yards of sod
Project Details

This project took place along Aunt Polly slough which receives flood water from the Red Lake River. Reiner Contracting exported 40,000 cubic yards of material, reshaped the existing banks, added 30,000 tons of rip rap, brought back in 49,000 cubic yards of impervious fill, one gated control structure and a tractor driven pump was added to remedy the storm water issues in high river circumstances. Grades were made possible with the use of MSE walls and with the realignment of Bridge Street and the alley behind Lincoln Avenue.  New curb and gutter along with new asphalt restored the site nicely.